Adding a bank account

Dashboard > + Bank account

You can add an IBAN bank account number (private or business) in the Bank Account section of your dashboard and link it to your fundraiser(s).

Please note that only IBAN (International Bank Account Number) bank account numbers registered in SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) countries can be added. Most European countries use the IBAN system and are SEPA members. Click here for a full list of SEPA countries. For adding and getting paid out to bank accounts in non SEPA countries, please read this article

Go to Dashboard > Bank account and click the blue Add bank account button.

After entering the IBAN bank account number, you add the correct beneficiary or name to this account.

Then you link the entered bank account to the correct fundraiser. You do this by putting a tick in the check box of the correct fundraiser.

It is possible to add multiple bank accounts. And because you can create multiple fundraisers in your account, you need to link the correct bank account with the correct fundraiser.

The bank account you add and link to your fundraiser is not visible to donors.

For information on pay out click here: https://steunactie.tawk.help/en-gb/article/uitbetaling

Can I start collecting donations without adding a bank account?

You can create and start your fundraiser immediately without linking a bank account. You can add and link a bank account at a later stage.

However, we can only pay you if a bank account has been added and linked. As long as no bank account is linked, your donations accumulate safely in your personal Steunactie account and are always visible in your dashboard.

As soon as a bank account is linked to a fundraiser, you will automatically be paid out weekly, every Tuesday.

Some users prefer to be paid out in one go at the end of the fundraising period. In that case, just simply leave your bank account unlinked and only link it to your fundraiser when you would like to be paid out. 

Can I change my bank account during a campaign?

If you have not been paid out yet, you can always change a bank account in your Steunactie account.

If a payment has already been made on the bank account, you cannot change it anymore. But you can add a new bank account and link it to your fundraiser. The old bank account will then automatically be disconnected from your fundraiser. 

You can only link one bank account at a time to a fundraiser.

Payments will be made to the account that is linked on Tuesday 07:30.

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