Steunactie is one of the most inexpensive crowdfunding & donation platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. Setting up and starting a Steunactie is completely free. Fees will only be charged for successful donations. No cure no pay! We do not ask for extra contributions or tips from donors and we payout every week.

Platform fees

Steunactie charges a fee of 6% including VAT (5% excluding VAT) on successful donations. The minimum donation amount is €5.

Transaction fees

The fixed transaction costs are €0.60 including VAT (€0.50 excluding VAT) per donation. This amount covers the costs of receiving and processing (via Mollie), managing and paying out the donations on a weekly basis. By far the most used payment methods are iDEAL (the Netherlands) or Bancontact (Belgium).

Some payment methods charge additional variable transaction costs. Check out an overview of the payment methods and their costs here.

When paying out, platform and transaction costs are automatically deducted from the donations. You can follow all incoming donations and deductions 24/7 in your dashboard (under Donations and Payments). You will not receive an invoice nor do you need to transfer money for the costs.

Rights reserved for price changes.

Comparison with other platforms

When choosing a crowdfunding platform, you want the costs to be as minimal as possible and get the most out of every collected donation.

When searching for a suitable crowdfunding platform it can be difficult to compare them. Many platforms show fees in different ways and sometimes their rates are hard to find on their website.

This can lead to unpleasant surprises when the net payout is made. For example, many crowdfunding platforms state their fees excluding VAT. That’s strange because in most cases you cannot claim back the VAT and the rate including 21% VAT is deducted from your donations.

The rates of various crowdfunding sites are shown in this overview.

Weekly payout

It is also important to check when payments are made. Some platforms only pay out at the end of the campaign or monthly. Steunactie pays out every week. In this way you will have the collected donations at your disposal quickly!

Why are rates charged?

Steunactie is one of the most inexpensive crowdfunding & donation platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. Please check our rates page for a 1-on-1 comparison with other platforms. Our aim and mission is to be the most affordable and best crowdfunding platform.

However, without a deduction for platform fees, it would unfortunately not be possible to offer such a service. Costs are made for things like hosting, security, development, support, promotion and staff.

The transaction costs are necessary because costs are charged by the various payment methods, the banks and Mollie (Payment Service Provider) to enable online transactions.

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